Ekta Kapoor says she knew Naagin 6 plot would get trolled: 'Still remember everyones face when I read it'

    Ekta Kapoor says she was well aware taht the Naagin 6 plot would get trolled. Reveals why she went forward with it.


    Ekta Kapoor has spilled the beans on her upcoming TV show Naagin which is all the buzz on social media right now. The producer has given a new twist to this immensely popular fantasy fiction drama which will be led by Bigg Boss 15 winner Tejasswi Prakash. Naagin 6 will be seen addressing the pandemic situation that the world is facing and deploys the shape-shifting protagonist to save the day.

    The queen on daily soaps, Ekta Kapoor has said in an interview that she was well aware of the trolling the concept will meet with once the show is announced. The early promos of the show suggested a neighboring country spreading a virus in India through the country’s water bodies and how Naagin is steps up to fight for the nation.

    Ekta told Times of India in an interview how if the show’s real meets fiction concept in terms of the pandemic was explored in the West it would be a huge success but gets trolled here.

    Talking about pitching the idea of Naagin 6 to her peers she said, “I still remember everyone's face when I read it and they said it is terribly ridiculous but everyone felt it can either really work or can be really bad. I honestly believed that it was the time for me to do something that shakes the basics of the show otherwise it is always the personal revenge saga. How many times I can show the same thing."

    The producer further said that Naagin is an out and out commercial franchise and that she’s not called the virus ‘corona’ on the show. Open to criticism Ekta said she wants to show through the show what people have been through in the past two years while calling Tejasswi’s character a ‘reluctant hero’.