Mika Singh on not marrying Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti winner Akanksha Puri- ‘If she was also a singer, we could..’

    Mika Singh has now broken his silence about why he didn’t tie the knot with Akanksha Puri even after she won his Swayamvar


    Last year, singer and eligible bachelor Mika Singh set out to find the perfect life partner for himself with Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti. He met several beautiful bachelorettes while fans got to witness his never seen before romantic avatar. At the end of the show, he put the varmala around his friend, actress and wildcard contestant Akanksha Puri’s neck. A year later, Akanksha entered the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house as a contestant. On the grand premiere night, she revealed that Mika and she have not tied the knot yet but are still good friends. The actress went on to make headlines when she passionately kissed her co-contestant Jad Hadid on the reality show.

    It was only for a task but this action left audiences confused about Akanksha and Mika’s current relationship status. Well, the singer has now revealed why he didn’t marry the actress after she won his Swayamvar show. In a chat with ETimes, Mika shared, “I had agreed to be part of Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti because I really wanted to get married. All my friends, too, were pressurising me. I liked the idea of the swayamvar and hence, took up the show. However, after choosing Akanksha as my companion, I realised that we were not meant to be with each other. I am a singer, musician and she is an actress. I keep travelling across the world for my concerts, while she is stationed at one place because of her projects.”

    The singer added, “I figured that if she was also a singer, we could have collaborated and travelled together, but since she is an actor and her work is different from mine, we mutually decided to be friends.” Mika explained that Akanksha’s entry as a wildcard was not a planned move by the makers. Talking about settling down, the singer stated that he has now left it upon destiny. Well, at least fans have clarity about Mika and Akanksha’s bond now.