SherDil SherGill promo: Surbhi Chandna locks horns with Dheeraj Dhoopar; netizens predict a hit

    SherDil SherGill promo: Surbhi Chandna locks horns with Dheeraj Dhoopar; netizens predict a hit

    Tw of the most popular actors of Indian television, Surbhi Chandna and Dheeraj Dhoopar are all set to reunite on-screen in their new show SherDil SherGill.


    Back in 2020, when Sharad Malhotra tested positive for COVID-19, actor Dheeraj Dhoopar joined the cast of Naagin 5 to fill in for him. It was only for a few episodes but his chemistry with lead actress Surbhi Chandna left fans wanting more. So when the two announced that they are coming together for a brand new show, netizens were obviously excited. Titled SherDil SherGill, the series is reportedly romance with comedy. Well, the first promo is now out and it has exceeded expectations!

    Buzz had suggested that Surbhi and Dheeraj will be playing characters which are very different than any other role that they have portrayed in the past. But we did not expect the characters to be so much fun. In the teaser we are introduced to Raj aka Dheeraj, a stand-up comic with a cute sense of humor and a loveable personality. Then we meet Manmeet, played by Surbhi, who is opinionated, fierce and badass. The characters look like they were specially written for these two actors! Even when they are locking horns, there is a sizzling chemistry between them.

    Well, despite being a short promo, this teaser of the upcoming show has managed to impress fans. In the comment section below, netizens have already predicted that SherDil SherGill is going to be a hit. One fan wrote: “Wow ❤️ this will be a super super hit...i am sure...🙌🙌 Blessings with you 🤠❤️😍”, while another comment read: “This is actually super refreshing to see! Can’t wait for this one to start! 🤍” A third fan lauded the team in a message which read: “When u do something refresh and different from all , and when two good and fab actors getting together they will sit the screen on fire 🔥 ❤️❤️.”

    We can’t wait to see Dheeraj and Surbhi shine on-screen together again!