‘Very smart move’: Bigg Boss 16’s Tina calls Shalin ‘jhoota devdas’ after finding out he is on antidepressants

    ‘Very smart move’: Bigg Boss 16’s Tina calls Shalin ‘jhoota devdas’ after finding out he is on antidepressants

    In last night’s episode, Shalin Bhanot revealed that he was put on medication by the therapist he is talking to. Tina Datta had a shocking reaction on finding out.


    The last few days in the Bigg Boss 16 house have not been easy for Shalin Bhanot . The actor who was always in a jolly mood and had lots of people to talk to, suddenly got lonely after Soundarya Sharma’s eviction. This is because his sakhi Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Tina Datta , who he was in love with, became friends and had a fallout with him. Shalin even had an outburst in the confession room recently, after which Bigg Boss offered to get him a therapist/psychiatrist to talk to. Well, last night Shalin made a revelation about his sessions.

    After a chat with the doctor, Shalin went up to Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and stated that he has joined her clan. He revealed that he has been diagnosed with something that the actress recently battled with– anxiety and depression. Shalin even shared that he was put on medication for the same. The next morning Tina told Priyanka she found out from Nimrit that Shalin is on antidepressants and his ‘mental state is not right’. She went on to add, “Give me a valid reason ki kyun uska mental state correct nahi hai. Kya hua hai uske saath?” Priyanka agreed and stated, “Exactly! Hua toh tere saath hai. Tera mental state aisa hona chahiye tha. Usko kya ho gaya bhaiya.”

    On hearing this, Tina replied, “Very smart move. Kyunki usko uss cheez mein koi challenge nahi kar sakte that you are faking it, you are acting or you’re anything because it's a sensitive topic.” The Uttaran star further added that she never faked her feelings and emotions for Shalin and had even clarified that she was confused. Tina then asked how things are coming on her and why it’s her fault. She also called Shalin ‘jhoota devdas’ because he claims that he had fallen for her but is now insulting the girl he was madly in love with just a few days ago. Priyanka agreed and called him ‘jhoota insaan’.

    Well, in the last few days we have seen a major change in Shalin’s behaviour and many of his fans are worried about him. We hope he feels better soon!