Dobaara -See Your Evil

Dobaara -See Your Evil

2.8 2,562 Ratings

Directed by : Prawaal Raman

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Dobaara See Your Evil is a Hindi horror movie that stars real life sibling Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem.

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Huma Qureshi


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Dobaara -See Your Evil Review

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Dobaara has few positives. Huma Qureshi and Saaqib Salim have put in some effort.The movie has a good twist at the interval. This is it.


Dobaara is , politely put, a failed execution.The premise was brilliant - a mirror which is evil based on the atrocities done in pre-civilised Britain.


What the director delivers is a documentary kind of presentation.The entire movie has probably three scary moments.


So many time the audiences reaction has you sum up what the movie is , usually in a good movie's end people walk out slowly talking to each other doing oooh and aah discussing dialogues, recalling their immediate best moment of a movie and doing hi fives. Dobaara had people actually running out.Trust me.


If India actually had a easily available legal system , this movie would have probably achieved record consumer court cases of "give me back my money" for a movie in recent years.


Wish the mirror could trap Prawal Raman just for a day ! 


Half a star - that too because of the effort , that the lead pair and Aadil Hussain have put in this one - they can equally share the half star.

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