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Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Verdict - Tanu + Manu is good but, Tanu + Manu + Datto is even better!



80 Ratings

Verdict - Tomorrowland's story couldn't do justice to its visual splendor and fantastical theme.

Bombay Velvet

Bombay Velvet

751 Ratings

Verdict - Its visual splendor, Ranbir's talent and Kashyap's hard work - all go to waste because ...

AIB's Latest Cricket Special Video Is More Audacious Than Their Roast

AIB are all set to get into trouble, yet another time! They haven't even spared Dawood! Yes, they've have named each and every infamously related n...

Akshay Kumar's First Selfie Is Already Burning Twitter

Why must you be so hot Akshay Kumar?! Akshay Kumar recently posted his first ever 'selfish selfie' (no, we don't know what that means) and it has g...