Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon

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Directed by : Abbas Mustan

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  • Critics Rating 2.2/5
  • MJ Rating 2.0/5
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One man with four lady loves battling for survival in the most funny way. Coming from the thriller master duo of Abbas-Mustan, Kis Kisko Pyar Karun marks the debut of comedian Kapil Sharma into cinema.


“Kapil's brand of humor makes KKPK work, only if you switch your brains off.”

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon Credit & Casting

Kapil Sharma (Actor/Comedian)

Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon Audience Review

Funny. Sort of.

| by Smita Vyas Kumar |
Rated 2.5 / 5
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I didn’t go with too many expectations from this movie. I had a lurking fear that this may be too mcuh slapstick for me to stomach. Well, the news isn’t so bad. The movie has a simplsitic story line;  yes, there is an iiritating soundtrack of noises and yes there are irritating item numbers with bad lyrics, but overall the movie keeps you mildly entertained.

 So, a man finds he is married to three women due to no falut of his. He is just trying to save their lives etc and finds that he is stuck with them. Of course, he can divorce them but that’s the easy way out. Instead, he buys three flats in the same building to house the three wives and waves bye to them every morning wearing sunglasses so that they can’t see from their balcony who he is looking at. He wants to marry his girlfriend too but understandably there are problems. To add to his trouble his divorced parents show up. Mix them all up, throw in a sidekick, garnish with a funny kaamwali bai and you have a comedy of errors ready.


 Kapil Sharma has  a charming screen presence and is good wth the comedy stuff. His wives are simpering, coy women and his girlfriend an acrobat. The really funny people are Arbaaz Khan as the deaf gangster brother of one of the wives and the confused kaamwali bai. I am dying to see Supriya Pathak in a decent role. Here once again she plays a non challening role though you can see some sarcastic sparks when she addresses her bahu. The friend played by Varun Sharma who was in Fukrey is a good foil to Kapil.


 Don’t go with very high expectations and you will do ok with this movie. The jokes are not side splitting but they keep coming and keep you feeling happy. Enough to feel good over the weekend.


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