Paul Schrader praises Lindsay Lohan’s “magic, mystery”

Directing Lindsay Lohan in a film is a challenge but still an expectation for filmmakers but it holds some other consequences too, feels Paul Schrader who directed Lohan in The Canyons.

The director wrote in the latest issue of Film Comment, "Tardiness, unpredictability, tantrums, absences, neediness, psychodrama—yes, all that, but something more, that thing that keeps you watching someone on screen, that thing you can't take your eyes off of, that magic, that mystery.” Furthermore, he compared Lohan with the icon of trouble, legendary star Marilyn Monroe, with whom Lohan herself has admitted to identify with. Schrader wrote further, "Monroe and Lohan exist in the space between actors and celebrities, people whose professional and personal performances are more or less indistinguishable.”

Paul Schrader praises Lindsay Lohan’s “magic, mystery”

"Entertainers understand the distinction. To be successful, a performer controls the balance between the professional and personal, that is, he or she makes it seem like the professional is personal. It is the lack of this control that gives performers like Monroe and Lohan (and others) their unique attraction...We call them 'troubled,' 'tormented,' 'train wrecks'—but we can't turn away,” he added. Then he has also distinguished Lohan from Monroe saying, "LL lives in a world of instant celebrity gratification Monroe could have only dreamed of.” Though the filmmaker is not sure about working again with Lohan in future, he is not at all regretful for his previous experience, "From a selfish point of view, from a director's point of view, that is, from my point of view, it was a treat to work with Lindsay.” He concluded, "All the drama, themishegas, all the stress—that means little. A director can shoot around misbehavior. He can't shoot around lack of charisma. I just wish it was easier for Lindsay." The Canyons is due to open in New York on August 2 and Los Angeles on August 9.

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