6 Most Expensive Bollywood Weddings Ever!

No matter what you do, Bollywood does it better.

Yes, even when it comes to weddings, Bollywood believes in going fancy and blingy. The recent trend in Bollywood weddings has shown how eager our Bollywood stars are to make it a dreamy, royal affair. From customised costumes for every function to humongous wedding cakes and extravagant locations- Bollywood stars have done it all.

For example, Shilpa Shetty wore an engagement ring which was estimated for worth 3 crores. According to a few sources Aishwarya Rai wore special red gold Zari saree for her wedding and Abhishek's sherwani was made on special order. Almost 15 kg henna was sent to Aish's home for the henna ceremony, as per certain sources. Saif and Kareena had booked two Five Star hotels for their guests. It is easy to imagine the extent to which they decided to splurge on their weddings.

Here are 6 of the most expensive Bollywood weddings in the recent years.