22 Bollywood Sequels That Didn't Take The Original Story Forward

Several times in the past, we have discussed what the strengths and weaknesses of Bollywood are. Also, in the past, we have discussed how Bollywood, slowly but surely, is improving at creating cinema that is of higher quality. And with these two things in mind, it's time to discuss one of  Bollywood's apparent drawbacks a.k.a. sequels.Bollywood has tried its hand at sequels over and over again. But barring a few exceptions, it has failed miserably. So much so that these sequels seem to be transparent attempts at earning more money.

Not to say all the sequels mentioned below are sub-standard but Bollywood sure has produced a lot of sequels where the relation between the two movies is rather diminished. Whether the filmmakers really had something to say or whether they just wanted to cash in on the franchise is something we leave it to you to decide.