OMG: Is Hindi Medium A COPY Of This Popular Bengali Film?

We have seen the trailer of the upcoming film “Hindi Medium” and absolutely loved it. Ask any parent and they will tell you how relatable it is. Or for that many it is relatable to all of us. English has truly become much more than a language; it has become a status symbol. And to enroll their child to the best English medium school in the country has become every parent’s dream. In the process the regional languages and mother tongue takes a backseat. How many acquaintances do you have who’ll take pride in saying they can’t read or write or speak their native language properly?

Well, those reasons made Hindi Medium widely popular the moment the trailer released. But hold on! To all who follow Bengali cinema closely, does it not remind you of something? Well, let me be more clear. Hindi Medium trailer looks eerily similar to the 2014 Bengali movie ‘Ramdhanu’!

OMG: Is Hindi Medium A COPY Of This Popular Bengali Film?source-koimoi

The Shiboprasad Mukerjee and Nandita Ray film dealt with exactly the same thing- a mom and a dad trying to get their child enrolled in a reputed English medium school. And there too, the father is the one who is not at all good with the language and knows only the native language (in this case it is Bengali). The mother is obsessed there too and tells her husband to do anything to get admission for their child!

'Ramdhanu' also had more to it- it had a school that would groom the parents for the interview and a narrative where a foreigner teaches the woman how important it is to hold on to one’s language and culture while adapting another! But then you’ll have to agree that Hindi Medium might have these too and did not reveal it in the trailer itself.

Then yes Hindi Medium a blatant copy of ‘Ramdhanu’. Check the trailer and judge for yourself (check the suntitles in case you do not know Bengali):

Now check the Hindi Medium trailer: