Ayushmann Khurrana becomes the epitome of suave in black, See photos

    Ayushmann Khurrana captivates in a textured suit at an illustrious awards event.

    <p>Ayushmann Khurrana</p>

    Ayushmann Khurrana

    Last Friday night, a parade of stars and styles was witnessed at the red carpet of an awards night where Ayushmann Khurrana stood out with his sartorial splendour, demonstrating once again why he is considered one of Bollywood's most dapper gentlemen.

    Ayushmann chose a textured black blazer that played with the light, its stripes creating a visual rhythm that was both striking and sophisticated. This was not just a piece of clothing; it was a statement, a manifestation of his ability to bend the rules of traditional menswear without breaking them. The blazer was paired with classic black trousers that fell perfectly, the subtle sheen complementing the texture of the jacket.

    He wore a black satin shirt underneath, its high shine collar peeking from the blazer lapels, adding a touch of traditional formal wear without being staid. His shoes were polished to a reflective sheen, echoing the quiet lustre of his attire.

    Khurrana's accessories were selected with a keen eye: a watch peeking out just so from his cuff, a ring that was noticeable without being ostentatious. His grooming was impeccable, with a well-trimmed beard and hair styled in a way that was both neat and effortlessly cool.

    In an industry where glamour often trumps subtlety, Ayushmann Khurrana's choice for the evening was a masterclass in balancing allure with restraint. His ensemble for the awards night will undoubtedly be a reference point for men's fashion on the red carpet for years to come.

    On the work front, Ayushmann was most recently featured in Dream Girl 2, a comedy-drama film directed by Raaj Shaandilyaa and produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. He co-starred with Ananya Panday, Paresh Rawal, Annu Kapoor, and Rajpal Yadav in the film that was released in theaters on August 25, 2023. Even though the film did well at the box office, it left the audience and the critics divided. 

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