Ali Fazal goes traditional with a twist at the fashionable night of an awards event, Check pics

    Ali Fazal captivates with an elegant black kurta and gold detailing at an awards show. 

    Ali Fazal

    Ali Fazal

    At an esteemed awards event held on Wednesday night in Mumbai, Ali Fazal was spotted gracing the red carpter with his presence. The actor who brought a traditional twist to the red carpet, turned quite a few heads with his sartorial choice for the occasion. Stepping away from the usual tuxedo, Fazal opted for a piece that was a nod to his roots – an elegant black kurta that was both classic and contemporary.

    The kurta, a staple in Indian menswear, was reinvented by Fazal with exquisite gold detailing along the hems and neckline, adding a royal touch to the ensemble. The garment draped gracefully over his frame; its flow interrupted only by the sharp lines of the gold patterns which lent a structure to the otherwise fluid fabric.

    Fazal paired this statement piece with classic black trousers that followed the line of tradition while maintaining a modern silhouette. On his feet were a pair of black loafers with a shiny finish, complementing the gold accents of his kurta. His choice of accessories was minimal, ensuring that the kurta remained the centrepiece of his outfit.

    His hair was pulled back in a sleek, no-nonsense style, and he sported a trimmed beard that added to the dignified air his outfit projected. Fazal's entire demeanour spoke volumes of his confidence and comfort with merging traditional attire with the glitz of a red-carpet event.

    The event, which played host to some of the most notable names in the entertainment industry, was the perfect setting for Fazal’s fashion statement. His ensemble stood out amongst the more Western outfits, making a case for the beauty of Indian craftsmanship and the elegance of integrating cultural attire into modern celebrity fashion.

    Ali Fazal’s appearance was not just a personal style choice but a statement of cultural pride, showcasing the versatility of Indian fashion on an international platform. His look for the evening will undoubtedly inspire a trend towards traditional wear with contemporary styling, influencing the sartorial choices of men who look to blend heritage with modernity.

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