Pics: Pooja Hegde captivates in an opulent olive green attire at a B-Town Diwali bash

    Pooja Hegde made heads turn at the Diwali party hosted by producer Ramesh Taurani.

    Pooja Hegde

    Pooja Hegde

    The glittering lights of Diwali found a rival in the luminescence of Pooja Hegde, who attended producer Ramesh Taurani’s Diwali party held last Tuesday. The festival of lights, synonymous with joy and prosperity, was complemented by the actress's choice of attire, which was nothing short of breathtaking.

    Hegde graced the event in a meticulously crafted lehenga that showcased exemplary craftsmanship fused with a modern silhouette. The outfit, a seamless blend of classic and contemporary styles, featured a full-sleeved, cropped blouse heavily adorned with gold embellishments and sequins. It exuded a regal charm that was both opulent and tastefully refined.

    The lehenga skirt was a cascade of rich olive and earthy tones, brought to life with intricate patterns that mirrored the grandeur of India's royal tapestries. The voluminous skirt was perfectly balanced by the form-fitting nature of the blouse, creating a silhouette that celebrated the actress's grace and poise.

    The ensemble was paired with a matching dupatta that draped elegantly over one shoulder, its border echoing the grandiosity of the blouse’s embroidery. Hegde’s choice of accessories was minimal yet impactful, with statement earrings that complemented the gold accents of her attire without overwhelming the look.

    Pooja Hegde

    Her makeup was a sublime match to the golden hues of her ensemble, with warm tones that highlighted her natural beauty. A soft smokey eye, a touch of blush, and a nude lip shade completed her festive look. Her hair was styled in loose, luscious waves, tucked behind her ears to showcase her earrings and the delicate design of the blouse's neckline.

    The night was a celebration of not just the festival, but also the fashion that Diwali inspires each year. Pooja Hegde’s ensemble was a testament to the sartorial elegance that Bollywood’s leading ladies bring to such festive occasions. Her presence was a blend of tradition and modernity, making her one of the best-dressed celebrities at the gathering.

    In a night filled with stars, Pooja Hegde shone with a distinct aura, her outfit encapsulating the spirit of Diwali. Her appearance set social media abuzz, with fans and fashion enthusiasts alike lauding her impeccable style.

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