Casual meets chic: Pooja Hegde rocks ripped denim at the airport, Check pics

    Pooja Hegde was recently spotted at the airport in a trendy ensemble, pairing ripped jeans with a crop top and white shirt, redefining casual travel chic.

    Pooja Hegde

    Pooja Hegde

    Bollywood's fashionista Pooja Hegde was recently spotted at the airport, setting style goals with her effortless casual look. The actress, known for her impeccable fashion sense, turned the airport corridor into a runway with her sartorial choice.

    Pooja was seen donning a pair of high-waisted, ripped blue jeans that exuded a cool, edgy vibe. She paired the denim with a cropped olive-green top that added a dash of earthy tones to her ensemble. Layering the look, she chose a crisp white shirt left unbuttoned, which gave a relaxed yet chic flair to her outfit.

    Accessorizing minimally, Pooja opted for classic black sunglasses, giving a nod to timeless style. Her choice of a quilted black leather shoulder bag added a touch of luxury to her otherwise laid-back attire. Staying comfortable for her flight, she completed her look with clean white sneakers, the perfect companion for travel.

    Pooja's hair was left open in a carefree style, bouncing as she walked with confidence and a smile that could light up the entire departure hall. It was clear that comfort ruled her travel attire, but not at the expense of style. Pooja’s outfit choice is a testament to her understanding that travel fashion can be both practical and trendy.

    While her destination was unknown, her style spoke volumes about her fashion-forward approach, even when on the go. It's this keen sense of style that makes Pooja Hegde not just a beloved actress but also a style icon for many.

    Pooja's airport style proves that you don't need high fashion labels to make a statement; sometimes, it's about how you wear the basics. It's clear why she is often looked up to for fashion inspiration, and this appearance was no different.

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