Prajakta Koli enchants in a pastel blue, floral sheer gown at an awards event, Pics inside

    Prajakta Koli made a stunning appearance at the red carpet of a recently held awards show.

    <p>Prajakta Koli</p>

    Prajakta Koli

    The red carpet at Friday's awards event last week, was a tableau of fashion statements, but it was Prajakta Koli who captivated onlookers with a look that was as fresh as the first breath of spring. The influencer-turned-actress, known for her versatile style, chose a gown that was a celebration of femininity and flair.

    Koli's dress was a vision in pastel blue, adorned with intricate floral embroidery that climbed over the sheer fabric like vines on a trellis. The gown featured an asymmetric cut, with one shoulder bare and the other draped with a delicate sleeve, adding a modern twist to the romantic aesthetic. The bodice, sculpted and lined, transitioned into a flowing skirt with a daring slit that offered a glimpse of her legs as she moved with grace and ease.

    The embroidery, in shades of green and soft pink, was a testament to the intricate craftsmanship, each stitch a stroke of artistry. The overlay of sheer fabric added depth to the design, creating an illusion of flowers suspended in a serene pond.

    Her choice of accessories was impeccable - a pair of strappy sandals that complemented the gown without stealing its thunder, and minimal jewellery that included a simple yet elegant ring. Her hair was swept back into a chic bun with a few tendrils escaping to softly frame her face, and her makeup was kept natural with a focus on her eyes and a soft pink hue on her lips to match the floral tones of her gown.

    At the event, which was a gathering of the film industry's luminaries, Prajakta Koli's gown was not just a personal triumph but a moment of fashion inspiration. It was a reminder that fashion is an extension of one's personality, and Koli, with her charismatic presence, embodied the joy and creativity that fashion brings.

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