A Peek into Robert De Niro's gender discrimination trial: The timeline of events

    Robert De Niro has initiated a $6 million legal action against his former assistant, who, in turn, has launched a counter-lawsuit alleging gender discrimination and retaliation against the actor.

    Robert De Niro (Source: Rolling Stone)

    Robert De Niro (Source: Rolling Stone)

    On October 30, 2023, Robert De Niro made an appearance in a gender discrimination trial. Following an extended legal feud between De Niro and his former assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, he was present at a federal courthouse in New York City to commence their civil trial.

    Years of Service: 11-Year Career

    1991-2022: Robinson, aged 41, served the actor and his production company for 11 years, reaching the position of Vice President for Production and Finance in 2019.

    2019: The legal dispute ignited when De Niro and Canal Productions initiated a $6 million lawsuit against Robinson.

    De Niro and Canal Productions accused Robinson of excessive Netflix binge-watching during work hours and misuse of her position, including misappropriating her employer's funds for personal benefits, such as De Niro's frequent flyer miles.

    Graham Chase Robinson (Source: BBC)

    Robinson responded to De Niro and Canal Productions' lawsuit with her own counter-lawsuit, alleging violations of the New York City Human Rights Law. She accused De Niro of gender discrimination and retaliation. The trial, expected to last for two weeks, is currently underway, with both Robinson and De Niro providing their testimonies.

    Throughout the trial, the jury will hear from a variety of witnesses, including De Niro's lawyer, Tom Harvey, his accountant, Michael Tasch, former colleagues who worked alongside Robinson at Canal Productions, and Tiffany Chen, De Niro's partner since 2018.

    2008 - A Start as De Niro's Assistant: Robinson initially joined De Niro's team at Canal Productions when she was just 25 years old, working as the actor's assistant.

    2019 - A High-Ranking Position as VP: Over the years, Robinson progressed within the company and, by 2019, had advanced to the role of Vice President for Production and Finance.

    2019 - Resignation from Canal Productions: In 2019, Robinson resigned from her position at Canal Productions, concluding her tenure with the title of Vice President for Production and Finance.

    Robert De Niro (Source: USA Today)

    As the trial continues, this legal case takes center stage, offering insight into the intricacies of workplace dynamics and the responsibilities that come with authority. The testimonies of Robinson, De Niro, and the other key witnesses will be key in shaping the outcome of this widely-watched case.