Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man secret was almost spilled by the taco delivery

    Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man return almost unveiled by a taco delivery guy in Atlanta. Garfield recalls the tense encounter and how it led to rampant speculation online.

    Andrew Garfield (Source: NPR)

    Andrew Garfield (Source: NPR)

    We’ve all had our share of intriguing takeout experiences, but Andrew Garfield’s unexpected drama with a DoorDash delivery person takes the cake... or should we say, the taco? It’s the stuff tabloid dreams are made of: a superhero trying to stay undercover, thwarted by a simple food delivery. Stepping back into the sprawling universe of Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield had made a hush-hush appearance in Atlanta for the shooting of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Describing his initial days in the city on Josh Horowitz's Happy Sad Confused podcast, he recalled, “I get to wear a mask everywhere. Nobody's ever going to know I'm here, and I'm going to really be low-key.” But life, as we know, has its curveballs.

    His attempts to remain incognito took a comical twist when a DoorDash guy came knocking, asking for his ID. "No delivery food thing has ever asked me for my ID. This is interesting,” Garfield mused. A simple order of tacos turned into a bewildering exchange that almost blew his secret cover wide open.

    Pandemic precautions vs. superhero secrets

    In a world grappling with a pandemic, Garfield was acutely conscious of safety measures. "I've got to go to set tomorrow. I don't want to risk shutting down a Marvel set in the middle of a pandemic." While the actor might have managed to navigate the situation without any Spider-Web, the delivery guy's tweet about his encounter with Garfield sent the internet into a frenzy. Fans started connecting the dots, speculating about Andrew's much-anticipated return to the Spidey universe.

    Not just fans, but even close friends and co-stars were kept in the dark about Garfield's Spider-Man role. His little white lie to ex-flame Emma Stone about his part in No Way Home further underscores the lengths he went to protect the secret.

    Today, with all the secrets out and the film having enjoyed its glorious run, we can look back and chuckle at these instances. But in that moment, for Garfield, it was a whirlwind of emotions: from the anxiety of keeping his role a secret to the comic relief provided by tacos.

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