Anthony Mackie's Marvel miracle: From fearful Falcon to Captain America glory

    Flashback to 2021: Anthony Mackie's poignant rise from Falcon to Marvel's Captain America, paired with heartwarming tales from his homefront!

    <p>Anthony Mackie (Source: National Today)</p>

    Anthony Mackie (Source: National Today)

     2021 was a simpler time when the buzz surrounding the next Marvel superhero was everywhere. Let's go down the memory lane, when Anthony Mackie grappled not just with the mantle of Captain America but with the fear of a Marvel misfire.

    Falcon's flight of uncertainty

    The anticipation surrounding The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was palpable, but behind the scenes, "I was very concerned about the idea of being the first bombing Marvel franchise," revealed a candid Mackie. This sentiment was before the series skyrocketed as Disney+'s crowning jewel debut. His on-screen brilliance got the seal of approval from a most discerning jury – his kids. Reliving their reactions, Mackie shared, "My little ones are looking at the screen and they're like, 'Dad, that guy looks just like you.' His youngest? A chip off the old block, cheekily suggesting Dad could play Captain America.

    More than a Marvel mantle

    Mackie's role as Sam Wilson wasn't just another character; it resonated with timely themes of identity, race, and legacy in America. This Falcon's ascendancy to Captain America in "One World, One People" isn't just a mere title. It's a reflection of the multifaceted character that Mackie carved. Distinguishing his portrayal from Chris Evans' iconic Steve Rogers, Mackie noted, "What Chris was able to do with that character was bring a level of strength... Sam Wilson... comes from a place of humanity and humility." With a playful nudge towards the iconic 'America's Ass' mantle, Mackie chuckles, "I think people won't be disappointed with the round Brown, how could they be."

    Anthony Mackie as Falcon (Source: Gizmodo)

    And about those future Captain America ventures? Back then, Mackie was in the dark. Jokingly, he remarked, "Nobody called. I'm like, 'My phone works, dawg! I pay my bill every month!' So, I don't know what's going on." A man always with a foot in jest and the other in gravity, Mackie's appeal lies beyond the shield he holds.

    As we look forward to more of Mackie's magic onscreen, let's not forget his genuine camaraderie with Sebastian Stan's Bucky Barnes. In Mackie's words, "So, the idea of us being a duo, it ain't that bad of a thing." Indeed, for all Marvel fans, this duo has been nothing short of delightful.

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