Blake Lively to star as assassin housewife in Netflix's Lady Killer, penned by Diablo Cody

    Blake Lively to shine in The Lady Killer, an adaptation of the Eisner-winning comic, penned by Diablo Cody.

    Blake Lively (Source: Cinemaexpress)

    Blake Lively (Source: Cinemaexpress)

    Blake Lively is to star and produce the striking resurgence of a comic book heroine that has stealthily crept back into our collective consciousness – The Lady Killer. With the skilled Diablo Cody at the writing helm, this adaptation of Dark Horse Comics' acclaimed series promises a blend of picturesque 50s domesticity with a riveting twist of lethal precision. Lively, no stranger to demanding roles, envelopes herself in the dual life of a quintessential housewife with a penchant for assassination. 

    Joëlle Jones' original work, bedecked with the aesthetics of 1950s advertisements, lays the perfect foundation for a narrative that is as visually sumptuous as it is darkly intriguing. "A story set in that period and that focused on a picture-perfect housewife…who just happens to lead a secret life as a deadly killer for hire," describes the juxtaposition that has viewers glued to their screens. Diablo Cody, whose pen has crafted such nuanced and powerful female leads in Juno and Jennifer's Body, injects her seasoned wit and dynamism into the screenplay. Cody's foray into the paradoxical world of a killer housewife is a reminder of her ability to navigate complex female narratives with grace and verve.

    Blake Lively and Diablo Cody (Source: Comicbook)

    A cinematic achievement honouring the comics

    The journey from page to screen for The Lady Killer will be a testament to the enduring allure of a gripping story, one that earned the original comic an Eisner Award for best-limited series. As the curtain is yet to rise on this adaptation, critics and fans alike are reminded of Lively's versatile talent, last seen in the visceral The Rhythm Section, and now refashioned into the poised and perilous world of a 50s assassin.

    The Lady Killer is ready to present a retrofitted yet timeless tale that speaks to the prowess of its leading lady and the creative force behind it. From the pages of Dark Horse Comics to the star-studded allure of Hollywood, this feature will not only celebrate a high-stakes story but also the rise of comic book adaptations in cinema. As The Lady Killer can grace our screen any day, it will surely leave an indelible mark, weaving a narrative that is as murderous as it is mesmerizing, showcasing once more the transformative power of storytelling – from comic book to cinematic lore.

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