Brother Bilaal continues to highlight startling allegations regarding Will Smith's personal life

    Former associate of Smith reinforces his account in an interview with Tasha K.

    <p>Will Smith (Source: X)</p>

    Will Smith (Source: X)

    Recently, Brother Bilaal, Will Smith's former assistant and friend, reiterated his startling assertion of witnessing Smith and Duane Martin engaging in intimate acts. Despite legal threats from Jada Pinkett Smith, Bilaal stands by his truth.

    Challenging Allegations

    During a conversation with Tasha K, he reaffirmed his account. "Will and Jada's swift response speaks volumes—they know the truth," he asserted. "Their reply came within 9 hours. He is well aware of what transpired in that dressing room.

    Will Smith (Source: People)

     "You accused me of extortion, claiming it was a money shakedown. Let's delve deeper into it. Jada, you're a blatant liar with a bald head and a history of drug addiction. You publicly declared your intention to sue me." "Jada, if you don't file a lawsuit within the next two weeks, and if Tasha K is willing, I'll return with evidence," he declared. Alongside his claim of evidence supporting the alleged encounter, he also engaged in name-calling.

    Controversial Claims Unveiled

    In November, Bilaal initially shared his account of what he claimed to have witnessed years ago. "I opened the door to Duane's dressing room, and that's when I saw Duane engaging in anal sex with Will. There was a couch, Will was bent over it, and Duane was standing up, appearing to harm him severely, committing a heinous act. It was a disturbing scene."

    Will Smith (Source: IMDB)

    A representative for Will emphatically stated to TMZ: "This story is entirely concocted, and the assertion is unequivocally untrue." Tasha K. has gained notoriety for spreading sensational rumors and has even faced legal consequences for her controversial behavior.

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