Christopher Nolan and wife Emma Thomas to be bestowed with royal honour in the UK post their Oscar win for Oppenheimer

    Since 1998, Thomas has been the producer for all of Nolan's feature films.

    Christopher Nolan and Wife Emma Thomas (Source: X)

    Christopher Nolan and Wife Emma Thomas (Source: X)

    Christopher Nolan, director of Oppenheimer, and producer Emma Thomas are set to receive royal honors. The U.K. government announced on Thursday, via a statement to AP, that the husband and wife duo will be awarded knighthood and damehood, respectively.

    Nolan, aged 53, and Thomas, aged 52, are being honored shortly after the success of "Oppenheimer," a film depicting the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the physicist behind the nuclear bomb used in World War II. The movie recently dominated the Academy Awards.

    Christopher Nolan and Wife Emma Thomas (Source: X)

    Nolan and Thomas Set to Receive Prestigious Honors

    AP reports that the announcement arrived at an unconventional period, occurring on both New Year's Day and King Charles' birthday. Nonetheless, the monarch won't be bestowing the honors in the near future, as he has withdrawn from public engagements to focus on cancer treatments.

    Nolan and Thomas exchanged vows in 1997 after meeting at University College London. The couple has four children together: Flora, Oliver, Rory, and Magnus. When "Oppenheimer" won the Best Picture award earlier this month, Thomas expressed her excitement, stating that winning an Oscar was something she had always dreamed of.

    Christopher Nolan (Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

    Navigating Family and Professional Partnership

    In January, Thomas spoke with Variety, discussing how she and her husband collaborate both as a family and as producing partners. She noted that Oppenheimer was certainly one of the riskiest films they have undertaken, alongside Inception, which also felt daring at the time.

    Continuing, she stressed, "It wasn’t a no-brainer." Thomas elaborated that not only did "Oppenheimer" feel like a risky project, especially after the pandemic, but it also carried unprecedented stakes. Therefore, the success they experienced was incredibly rewarding.

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