'Close to Rs 100 crores': Massive budget for Vishnu Manchu's Bhakta Kanappa with Prabhas onboard.

    Vishnu Manchu's dream project, Bhakta Kanappa, ropes in Prabhas for a Lord Shiva cameo, all set with a whopping Rs 100 crore budget.

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    In a jaw-dropping fusion of Tollywood titans, Vishnu Manchu's much-anticipated dream project, Bhakta Kanappa, is bringing onboard none other than the Bahubali himself - Prabhas!

    A Dream, A Decade, And Some Divine Intervention

    If you've ever caught Vishnu Manchu candidly speaking in interviews over the years, you'd know of the twinkle in his eye every time he'd speak of Bhakta Kanappa. That twinkle is now a full-blown cinematic spectacle, as he finally breathes life into this pet project of over a decade. And as reported by OTTPlay, the movie landscape just got an epic upgrade with Prabhas agreeing to step in for a cameo.

    Manchu's grand dream doesn't stop at an incredible cast. This epic drama is being crafted on a budget that's making everyone's jaw drop – close to a whopping Rs 100 crores! And if that wasn't enough to make you clutch your pearls, get this: the script has been in the making for over two years, with legendary scribes Parachuri Gopala Krishna and Sai Madhav Burra wielding the pens.

    All That Glitters in Bhakta Kanappa

    Prabhas (Source: X)

    But what role has Prabhas, the mighty darling of Indian cinema, been roped in for? Brace yourselves! He's all set to dawn the ethereal mantle of Lord Shiva. The scoop has it that Manchu approached Prabhas with this divine proposition recently. Given the close ties Prabhas shares with Vishnu's father, the legendary actor Mohan Babu, our beloved 'Bahubali' star was more than eager to jump on board. 

    And as we hold our collective breaths for Bhakta Kanappa, there's more excitement bubbling in the Tollywood cauldron. The gorgeous Nupur Sanon is slated to be the female lead, marking her notable second act in Telugu cinema. She's currently also the talk of the town for her Tollywood debut in 'Tiger Nageswara Rao,' which promises to turn heads with its tale of a notorious 80s robber.

    The pre-production energy around Bhakta Kanappa is palpable, and the anticipation electric. As Manchu steps into the leading role and a seasoned team works tirelessly behind the scenes, fans are on the edge of their seats. With Prabhas in the mix, the stakes, expectations, and excitement have tripled.

    So, are we looking at the next big thing in Tollywood? All signs point to a resounding "Yes!"

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