Cole Sprouse & Dylan Sprouse's Suite Life Of Zack And Cody fans remind them of their dinner reservation, here's why

    Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse's Suite Life Of Zack and Cody fans are reminding them of their pending dinner reservation.

    A still from Suite Life Of Zack And Cody

    A still from Suite Life Of Zack And Cody

    Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse’s Suite Life Of Zack and Cody fans are reminding them of their dinner reservation at 7:30 which was made on November 16, 2023. Confused right? It all goes back to the Season 1 of the show wherein in the episode, ‘When In Rome’, their characters had planned to enjoy a dinner at a popular Italian restaurant in Rome. The receptionist had given them the slot for November 16, 2023, which was 15 years later to yesterday (Thursday).

    The reservation scene was from Season 1 of the show

    Fans of the show hilariously took to their social media handle to remind Cole and Dylan of the same. The scene which was shared by Pop Base’s Twitter handle asks the receptionist to give them a reservation. She says, “I can squeeze you in at 7:30.” To which, Cody (Cole Sprouse) breathes a sigh of relief saying, “Ah, perfect.” But then she adds, “On Nov. 16, 2023.” Cody then says, “But that’s in 15 years.” Furthermore, Zach (Dylan Sprouse) says, “What if I don't feel like Italian that day?" Take a look at the same.

    Fans are reminding Cole and Dylan of their dinner reservation

    Many fans started reminding the twins about the same. One of the fans said, “Hey Dylan! This is a reminder that your appointment at Chef Gigi's is set for tomorrow at 7:30 pm, to confirm respond YES. To decline respond NO. Thank you.” While another user added, “Do you still feel like Italian? Because your table is ready." A netizen went on to say, “7:30 tonight!!! Don’t forget!! Be there or be square.” A fan reminded the Riverdale actor, “Big day Cole you waited 15 years for this." A fan went on to say, “Enjoy your Italian food today at 7:30.” Another netizen said, “Sir you table is just about ready just cleaning it off right quick.”

    Well, that was truly an endearing gesture from the fans of the iconic comedy show. Sadly, in an earlier interaction at the Drew Barrymore Show in 2021, Cole had denied any possibility of the brothers returning for a reboot. He said, “Reboots are a tricky thing, you know?" he said at the time. "The original shows when they become successful sit in this little golden plate of nostalgia and when you modernize it and go back to it, it has the potential to really disenfranchise the original fanbase so it's a very, very touchy thing. I'm asked all the time if Dylan and I are going to do a Suite Life reboot, and I go, 'No, absolutely not.”