Dave Bautista thanks Chris Pratt and Millie Bobby Brown for helping him adopt his Pit Bull

    During promotions for his new project, Dune: Part Two, the actor shared the story of how he developed a bond with the puppy, his fourth pit bull pup.

    Dave Bautista (Source: Instagram)

    Dave Bautista (Source: Instagram)

    Dave Bautista welcomed his pup Talulah with a little assistance from his pals. During his appearance on The Tonight Show last Friday while promoting Dune: Part Two, the 55-year-old actor shared the heartwarming tale of adopting Talulah, one of his four dogs, with the help of Chris Pratt and Millie Bobby Brown.

    The actor revealed that his longtime pal, Chris Pratt, was working on The Electric State with Brown, 20, when he learned that the actress was assisting in finding Talulah a permanent home. Bautista shared that Pratt informed him about the dog and persuaded him to adopt her by sharing adorable pictures.

    Chris Pratt (Source: X)

    Unexpected Connections

    So, even with his home nearly full, Bautista made the decision to welcome the white puppy into his family. He asked Pratt to introduce him to his co-star—whose identity remained unknown to the Dune star at that time. Pratt eventually revealed that it was Millie Bobby Brown. Bautista, who adopted Talulah over a year ago, enjoys sharing this heartwarming story with others.

    Millie Bobby Brown's Role in Dave Bautista's Talulah Adoption

    Millie Bobby Brown (Source: X)

    Although Bautista admitted to never meeting Brown face-to-face, he expressed his gratitude to her for facilitating the adoption when he initially welcomed Talulah in February last year. The actor announced the pit bull's adoption through an Instagram post, showcasing several snapshots of the pup, including a family portrait with Talulah, Bautista, and his three other dogs.

    The actor is currently basking in the success of Dune Part 2. With a remarkable $32 million opening day haul, stellar reviews, and anticipation for its North American debut grossing around $80 million, Denis Villeneuve's Dune: Part Two, co-written by Jon Spaihts, emerges as the first blockbuster of 2024.