Denise Richards laughed off Kyle Richards' jibe in iconic The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills moment

    In a memorable The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode, Kyle Richards called Denise Richards a ragamuffin, sparking drama and leading to an eventual apology.

    Denise Richards and Kylie Richards (Source: People)

    Denise Richards and Kylie Richards (Source: People)

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) has never been short of drama, but an episode from May 2020 stands out, even now, for its mix of humor, tension, and the ensuing fallout. The center of this drama? A comment from Kyle Richards to Denise Richards that sparked much conversation. During a casual outdoor pizza party at Denise's Malibu home, Kyle Richards, then 51, let slip a comment that would become one of the season's most talked-about moments. Referring to Denise, Kyle said, "You look like a f---ing ragamuffin." This off-the-cuff remark, not just about Denise's appearance but also her choice of an elaborate diamond ice sculpture at the party, raised eyebrows both among the cast and viewers alike.

    Denise, then 49, known for her relaxed style and down-to-earth persona, reacted with surprise and humor when she learned about the comment. On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she laughed it off, saying, "I actually thought it was funny." Denise's response highlighted her ability to take such remarks in stride, emphasizing her attitude of not taking things too seriously in the glitzy world of RHOBH.

    Apology and reflection

    The drama escalated in later episodes, with Denise and Kyle clashing over what it means to be fake in the glamorous world of Beverly Hills. Denise reminded her castmates, "I am f---ing Denise Richards, Kyle. I don't think these bitches know I've been on like every f---ing magazine cover you can possibly imagine." Her response underscored her illustrious career in Hollywood, far beyond the realms of reality TV.

    Eventually, Kyle apologized for her remark after Denise cleverly used the term ragamuffin in an Instagram post, reflecting on her past magazine covers. Kyle's apology was heartfelt, acknowledging that she "was not the best version of [herself] that night." This episode remains a standout moment in RHOBH history, encapsulating the show's blend of luxury, drama, and unexpected humor. It's a reminder of the dynamic personalities that make the show a must-watch and how even a single comment can spark a season-long storyline.

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