Dragon Ball’s nostalgic foray into Fortnite: The bittersweet goodbye to Kamehameha!

    Revisit the captivating but transient world where Dragon Ball's awe met Fortnite's thrill. Relive the nostalgia, the excitement, the memorable Kamehameha moments - a love affair gone too soon!



    It's hard to forget that electrifying time when Dragon Ball, one of the most beloved anime series ever, made a grand entry into the dynamic world of Fortnite. Let's take a leisurely stroll down memory lane and revisit that unforgettable era.

    Goku and Beerus took fortnite by storm

    "Having Dragon Ball, one of my favourite anime of all time, featured in Fortnite, arguably my favourite live-service game, sounds like a dream come true." Ah, who can forget the uncontainable excitement of grabbing Goku and Beerus and diving back onto The Island? It wasn’t just about the skins with unique pickaxes and gliders. Epic Games truly outdid themselves, bringing us not just multiple transformations and styles but also a piece of the Dragon Ball world. They even gifted us the ability to watch episodes of Dragon Ball Super in the game lobbies!

    The magic of Kamehameha and the Nimbus Cloud

    "The crossover introduces a new Kamehameha mythic pick-up that lets everyone pull off the most famous special move ever conceived." The exhilaration of soaring away on a Nimbus Cloud, or the thrill of wielding the Kamehameha, is incomparable. A fleeting but fantastic experience, it’s a stark reminder that no matter how fun or lovingly crafted, all good things in live games are temporary.

    Nimbus Cloud

    A heartfelt goodbye to an unforgettable era

    As we witnessed Goku's majestic presence in Fortnite, using an AK47 and even showcasing a TikTok dance, it made us feel a mix of happiness and melancholy. Despite the transient nature of collaborations in Fortnite, the Dragon Ball crossover stood out as something truly special. The memory of characters pulling off that iconic Kamehameha move will forever be etched in our hearts.

    "Dragon Ball in Fortnite is simply too special for the game it's inhabiting, and The Island is going to feel a lot more soulless when it inevitably disappears." It's a stark reality that these cherished items and moments will be vaulted, but the joy and nostalgia they brought will forever resonate with fans.

    The departure of Dragon Ball from the vibrant world of Fortnite, though inevitable, still left a gaping hole. As we bid goodbye to the magical Kamehameha and the enchanting Nimbus Cloud, the island indeed feels more soulless, but the cherished memories continue to warm our hearts.

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