When Pete Davidson & Emily Ratajkowski's spicy Brooklyn date sparked Twitter buzz

    Flashback to 2022 when Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson's PDA-packed Brooklyn rendezvous created a social media stir!

    Emily Ratajkowski (Source: InStyle)

    Emily Ratajkowski (Source: InStyle)

    Ah, remember when we were all baffled by some of Hollywood's unusual pairings? Let’s whisk back in time to the surprise Brooklyn pairing of Emily Ratajkowski and Pete Davidson that had us all dropping our morning lattes.

    A starlit evening in Brooklyn

    "EMRATA AND PETE DAVIDSON ON A DATE IN BROOKLYN TOGETHER. HOLDING HANDS AND ALLLLL." This was the shocker that hit us when the ever-watchful Instagram celeb-gossip powerhouse, @deuxmoi, dropped the bomb. Eyes nearly popped out reading about their PDA-filled escapades. Who would've thought? Pete, known for his charming escapades with Hollywood's top-tier women, and Emily, the dazzling model-author, together on a date!

    EmRata’s take on Pete’s charms

    In a turn of poetic irony, just a year before this outing, Emily had sung Pete’s praises on Late Night with Seth Meyers. With a mischievous glint, she mused about his magnetic charm: "Guys are like, 'Wow. What's that guy got?' ... His fingernail polish is awesome. He looks good! Good relationship with his mother. We love it." Fast forward, and it seems like she got caught in his irresistible whirlwind herself.

    Single & ready to mingle?

    The backdrop to this budding romance was Emily's split from ex-beau Sebastian Bear-McClard. Featured in Harper's BAZAAR's November issue, the model candidly confessed her newfound single status. "I can tell you that I have never been single before," she shared, echoing the roller-coaster of emotions she was riding. She might have stayed away from dating apps, but NYC's streets seemed to have led her to a few dates, one with our very own SNL star, perhaps?

    In the world of Hollywood, love stories take unexpected turns, and this was no exception. As we sip on our 2023 lattes reminiscing about last year's unexpected love tales, one thing's certain: Davidson and Ratajkowski gave us quite the spicy story!

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