Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper's six-year odyssey with Poor Things and Maestro

    Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper delve into unexplored realms of filmmaking, dedicating six years each to their ambitious endeavors, 'Poor Things' and 'Maestro.'

    Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper (Source: Variety)

    Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper (Source: Variety)

    Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper, have been frineds since the indie comedy "The Rocker" in 2007, where they rocked out with Rainn Wilson. They crossed paths again in the 2015 flick "Aloha." Fast forward to now, they're practically besties. Stone even brought her mom over to Cooper's place to check out a sneak peek of "Maestro," his second stint as a writer-director post-"A Star Is Born." In this flick, Cooper takes on the role of the legendary composer Leonard Bernstein, with Carey Mulligan by his side as Bernstein's wife, Felicia.

    Cooper couldn't contain his admiration for Stone's exceptional performance in "Poor Things" as Bella Baxter. In their latest project together, a collaboration with Yorgos Lanthimos following their initial work in 2018's "The Favourite," Stone takes on the role of a Victorian woman implanted with a child's brain, navigating the challenges of regaining her place in European society.

    Maestro (Source: Deadline)

    From Closed Eyes to Open Hearts

    In a recent conversation, Bradley Cooper opened up about his unique habit of keeping his eyes closed, revealing that he finds it helps him think better as he becomes more comfortable with himself. The La La Land star, Emma Stone, playfully joined in, closing her eyes as well and admitting it actually felt good, even if it risked dozing off after a while.

    After this lighthearted exchange, the discussion shifted to Stone's latest film, "Poor Things," leaving Cooper thoroughly impressed. Recalling a memorable FaceTime conversation they had after he watched the film, Cooper expressed deep admiration for Stone's artistic prowess. He commended her effortless abandon in portraying a character with such complexity. Stone, appreciative of the compliments, shared insights into the non-sequential shooting of the film and the challenges of depicting a character's evolution from a baby to a 35-year-old in just two hours.

    Poor Things (Source: NPR)

    Behind the Scenes

    Continuing the conversation, Cooper inquired about Stone's preparation for each stage.

    Stone shared insights into their month-long rehearsal period in Budapest, highlighting the comprehensive process that involved the entire cast. During solo rehearsals dedicated solely to character development, they spent entire days perfecting nuances, with a particular emphasis on the distinctive walk. Stone described her initial approach as rather literal, involving the study of videos depicting toddlers learning to walk and utter their first words.

    Stone, having watched "Maestro" with her mother, expressed being utterly captivated and in awe of Bradley Cooper's direction, Carey's performance, and particularly the conducting scene that left her with full-body chills – a six-minute spectacle that felt like witnessing a true maestro at work.

    Copper added "I completely botched the entire first day. The moment I fell behind the tempo, it felt like everything was lost. However, the next morning, I entered that church – a location we weren't scheduled to shoot at that day. Despite the setback, I felt compelled to give it another try. Gathering everyone back, I openly offered a prayer to Lenny in front of the entire crew, expressing gratitude for the opportunity and declaring our determination to try again. This spontaneous moment is what you see in the movie, captured in a single take."

    The glimpses behind the scenes provide a fascinating insight into the actors' process of embodying their characters. Both movies have garnered acclaim from critics, showcasing the depth and dedication invested by the two actors in bringing their characters to life.