Emma Thompson and Emma Stone's wickedly brilliant roles in Cruella

    Emma Thompson and Emma Stone's dynamic portrayal of villainous roles in Disney's Cruella redefined the power and brilliance of female leads in cinema.

    Emma Stone and Emma Thompson (Source: Page Six)

    Emma Stone and Emma Thompson (Source: Page Six)

    In Disney's live-action movie Cruella, Emma Thompson and Emma Stone bring to life two formidable femme fatales, engaging in a high-stakes battle of power and fashion. This cinematic spectacle not only showcases their acting prowess but also marks a significant moment in film history where female villains take center stage. "It's so cool, and we don't get to play villains very often, proper villains," said Thompson, who plays the Baroness, capturing the rarity and excitement of such roles.

    Breaking barriers in cinema

    Cruella, set against the backdrop of an intense rivalry, highlights the brilliance and cunning of its female leads. "It's not something you often see in a Disney movie," Stone, portraying Cruella de Vil, observed, acknowledging the unique narrative that places two women at the forefront of a Disney film. The film's portrayal of intelligent, self-directed female characters, smarter than their male counterparts, was not only refreshing but also groundbreaking. "When you say not often the case you mean never, let's hope it starts a trend," Thompson remarked, highlighting the significance of this shift in cinematic storytelling.

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    The chemistry between the two Emmas added an extra layer of depth to the film. Thompson's humorous take on their working relationship, "We're so fed up with speaking about how much we love each other," and Stone's candid admiration, "Emma T's a legend and more brilliant than you could ever imagine," showcased a camaraderie that transcended their on-screen roles.

    Today, looking back at Cruella, it stands as a testament to the evolving landscape of cinema, where female characters, especially villains, are given complexity, depth, and brilliance. Emma Thompson and Emma Stone's performances not only entertained but also inspired, paving the way for more diverse and powerful female roles in the industry.

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