Emma Thompson defied Royal protocol with sneakers at Buckingham Palace

    Emma Thompson's damehood at Buckingham Palace marked by her bold choice of sneakers over high heels.

    Emma Thompson (Source: Daily Mail)

    Emma Thompson (Source: Daily Mail)

    Reflecting on the momentous day in November 2018 when Emma Thompson was honored as Dame Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, what stood out wasn't just the accolade but her bold fashion statement at Buckingham Palace. Renowned for her stellar acting and Academy Awards, Thompson has long advocated against the mandatory high heels on red carpets. As she stepped into her role as a Dame, she continued this trend, choosing comfort over convention.

    Challenging royal norms with a pair of sneakers

    At the prestigious ceremony, Thompson made a striking appearance in a navy-blue pantsuit, complemented by an unconventional choice of footwear – crisp white Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. This choice was more than a mere fashion statement; it was a declaration of individuality and comfort. When you’re a dame, you can wear whatever you want, seemed to be the unspoken message as her sneakers peeked out from under her suit. This act of defiance against the traditional high-heel norm was a testament to Thompson's longstanding commitment to feminist values.

    Emma Thompson (Source: X)

    Prince William, tasked with bestowing the title, witnessed this unique moment, which also included a near royal faux pas. Thompson, sharing a light moment with the Prince, humorously recounted, “I said, ‘I can’t kiss you, can I?’ And he said, ‘No, don’t!” This interaction underscored Thompson's down-to-earth personality and her ability to bring a touch of humor to even the most formal occasions.

    A history of defying high heel norms

    Thompson's disdain for high heels is well-documented. Her barefoot acceptance of the best actress award at the 2014 National Board of Review awards gala was a bold feminist statement. "They’re so painful. And pointless, really," she declared, urging others to abandon this uncomfortable fashion norm. Her memorable moment at the 2014 Golden Globes, where she presented an award while holding her high heels and a martini, further highlighted her stance.

    Emma Thompson (Source: The Guardian)

    Thompson's choices on these occasions were not mere acts of rebellion; they were powerful statements advocating for women's comfort and choice in fashion. By challenging the normative expectations of women's attire, especially in high-profile settings like Buckingham Palace, Thompson has inspired a conversation about the unnecessary discomforts women often endure for the sake of appearance.

    In today's context, Emma Thompson's approach to fashion and her damehood is a reminder of the importance of authenticity and comfort over conforming to traditional norms. Her decision to wear sneakers to a royal event was a bold move that resonated with many who aspire to break free from imposed standards. Thompson, through her actions, continues to be an influential figure in promoting feminist ideals and encouraging women to prioritize their comfort and individuality.

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