Everything releasing on HBO Max this week October 9-15: From Doom Patrol S4 to Naked and Afraid S9C

    HBO Max gears up to captivate viewers this week with a tantalizing roster: from raw, gripping documentaries to fantastical superhero odysseys. Here's your all-access pass to what's hot this week!

    <p>Doom Patrol</p>

    Doom Patrol

    Wondering what to watch this week? Look no further as we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive list of the latest titles on HBO Max that will hit the platform between October 9-15. The spotlight shines on the curtain call of DC's Doom Patrol with its fourth and climatic season. Additionally, there will also be a gripping documentary titled No Accident that delves into the dark aftermath of the Charlottesville rally. For those seeking a touch of the supernatural, Frankelda’s Book of Spooks is likely to be full of eerie delights. Here’s everything that releasing on HBO Max this week:

    Dramas and documentaries

    October 9 & 10 - The Matthew Shepard Story: An American Hate Crime & No Accident

    Setting the tone for the week, The Matthew Shepard Story dissects a heart-wrenching American hate crime. It is scheduled to release on October 9. Just a day later, No Accident is slated to land, shedding light on the tumultuous aftermath of the notorious Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. This documentary will be an unfiltered look into the twisted network of white nationalist conspiracies, providing insights into the battles of holding key figures accountable for the harrowing events.

    Doom Patrol

    Superheroes, secrets, and stop-motion spectacles

    October 12 - Doom Patrol, Season 4 & Frankelda’s Book of Spooks

    The superhero junkies are in for a treat as the concluding season of Doom Patrol is all set to premiere on the platform on October 12. With unexpected future voyages and dilemmas of world-saving proportions, the season pledges unparalleled excitement. Parallelly, the eerily enchanting Frankelda’s Book of Spooks is all set to grace the small screens on October 12 with its unique stop-motion charm. Unraveling dark mysteries, this series is sure to intrigue those craving for an animated spook.

    Variety viewing: From reality races to raw survival

    October 10, 11, 14 & 15 - multiple releases

    Ensuring there's something for everyone, the platform has peppered the week with diverse content. Street Outlaws vs. The World is anticipated to deliver adrenaline-packed race sequences on October 10, while Crimefeed, releasing on October 11, delves into gripping criminal stories. For food enthusiasts, Symon’s Dinners Cooking Out serves culinary delights on October 14. Rounding off the week, the raw survival saga Naked and Afraid arriving on October 15 ensures a thrilling climax to a week of entertainment bonanza.