Five Nights at Freddy’s director channels Steven Spielberg and Joker's' dark edge for inspiration

    Drawing from cinematic legends, the director Emma Tammi melds the visionary storytelling of Steven Spielberg with the intense, shadowy tones of "Joker" to craft a unique narrative experience.

    Five Nights at Freddy's (Source: Polygon)

    Five Nights at Freddy's (Source: Polygon)

    The upcoming Horror movie Five Nights at Freddy's is gearing up for its big screen release this October, the movie is based on the hugely popular video game franchise.

    For the uninitiated, The games follow a young nighttime security of a failing amusement park, who must fight for survival every night against the murderous animatronic that comes to life at night.

    Blending Icons: Crafting Five Nights at Freddy’s

    In a recent interview, director Emma Tammi revealed that legendary filmmaker Steven Speilberg and his style have had a great influence on the movie and went on to add that she has also incorporated the dark elements of the Joker.

    The movie was announced way back in 2015 but had to face multiple delays, it wasn't until August 2022 that the movie officially began production.


    Expectations Skyrocket: A New Movie Benchmark

    Josh Hutcherson of Hunger Games fame plays the role of the security guard Mike Schmidt, who discovers the sinister past of the amusement park and Matthew Lillard will be playing the role of William Afton, the sinister owner of the park.

    The movie began production in February 2023 in New Orleans with a budget of 25 million dollars and officially wrapped filming in April 2023.

    The movie will also be using real animatronic characters instead of CGI, a move welcomed by fans of the video games.

    According to a report, the movie has a runtime of an hour and fifty minutes and will have a PG-13 rating for the violence on display.

    Director Emma Tammi also revealed in the interview that if the movie is sucessfull, they had plans for two sequels, which would be incorporating elements from the other games in the franchise.

    The full cast of the movie includes Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Lail, Mary Stuart Masterson, Piper Rubio, and Matthew Lillard.

    Five Nights at Freddy's will be hitting theaters on October 27, 2023.