From screen to gym: Emulating Margot Robbie’s Suicide Squad regime

    Discover the intense fitness regimen Margot Robbie underwent for her iconic Harley Quinn role in Suicide Squad, featuring insights from her trainer Andie Hecker.

    Margot Robbie (Source: USA Today)

    Margot Robbie (Source: USA Today)

    The spellbinding transformation of Margot Robbie into the notorious Harley Quinn for the Warner Bros. blockbuster Suicide Squad remains a remarkable feat in cinematic fitness. As we reflect on this journey, it's not just the intense action or the captivating plot that stands out but also the remarkable physical transformation Robbie underwent for the role.

    Suicide Squad

    The Australian actress, then 26, embarked on a grueling fitness regimen under the guidance of Andie Hecker, founder of Ballet Bodies and a former ballet dancer herself. Hecker, known for her work with stars like Miranda Kerr and Kristen Bell, crafted a specialized program that focused on toning Robbie’s physique, particularly her abs and glutes, essential for the character's physically demanding role.

    Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn (Source: Empire)

    Hecker’s method was not just about sculpting a film-worthy body; it was about strength and endurance. "We did a lot of planks on the machine... It works in an elongated fashion so it’s not just crunching, you’re keeping the abs and waist long," Hecker revealed. This approach was crucial for the high-energy stunts and fight sequences Robbie flawlessly executed on screen.

    Training for up to three hours a day, Robbie's regimen was a mix of Pilates reformer exercises, cardio workouts including running and swimming, and even trampoline jumping. This diverse approach ensured she not only looked the part in her costume but could also perform the physically taxing stunts required for the role.

    Hecker’s unique blend of exercises, incorporating isometric movements and resistance training, was tailored to enhance Robbie's natural physique, focusing on creating a strong, yet agile, form. "For the glutes, we did heavier resistance and lower reps to work on building that muscle," Hecker explained, highlighting the importance of strength in the character's portrayal.

    Years later, the impact of Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn still resonates in the fitness world. Her dedication to the role and the physical transformation she underwent serves as an inspiration to many. The regimen crafted by Hecker not only prepared Robbie for the role but also set a new standard in celebrity fitness routines.

    Robbie’s journey as Harley Quinn is a testament to the power of dedicated training and the importance of physical fitness in character portrayal. It’s a story that not only shaped a character but also continues to inspire fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

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