Remember when Margot Robbie was the last to know about Harley Quinn's tragic end?

    Looking back at the candid moment Margot Robbie, the face of Harley Quinn, learned about her character's unexpected demise in the DC Universe.

    <p>Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn (Source: Empire)</p>

    Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn (Source: Empire)

    In the hustle and bustle of the entertainment world, some things get lost in translation. Or perhaps more aptly put, lost in the DC Cinematic Universe. 2021 was quite a year, particularly for Margot Robbie and her portrayal of the iconic, mischievous Harley Quinn. But let's jump into our cinematic time machine and re-live that 'oops' moment.

    Lost in the DC shuffle
    With superhero films dropping faster than The Flash on a sugar rush, the ins and outs of each plot twist and character arc can be a whirlwind to follow. Margot Robbie, the Australian superstar, has adorned the screens as Harley Quinn, making waves in films like "Birds of Prey" and "The Suicide Squad". But did you recall that quirky moment she found out about Harley's fate in the DC realm from an interviewer, rather than the studio itself?

    Yes, in a candid interview with Entertainment Weekly, the topic turned to a brief moment in "Zack Snyder's Justice League". The bombshell? Batman reveals that Harley Quinn took her last breath in his very arms. Margot's reaction? "Whaaat?" says Robbie, genuinely flabbergasted. "I didn't know that."

    Well, somebody pass the memo!

    DC's game of 'Telephone'
    If we learned anything from this comedic lapse, it's that the grapevine over at DC might have a few missed connections. Margot Robbie, the heart and soul behind Harley Quinn, was seemingly out of the loop regarding her own character's fate. Even she expressed uncertainty about Harley's future appearances on the big screen.

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    All this said, we hope for smoother communication highways in the expansive DC universe. After all, no one likes spoilers, especially if they concern your own cinematic existence!

    For fans and stars alike, it's essential to stay updated in this ever-evolving superhero multiverse. And as for Harley Quinn's fate? Only time, and perhaps a clearer communication channel, will tell.

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