General Hospital star John J. York's battle off-screen: An inspirational fight and a plea for help

    John J. York, the iconic face of Mac Scorpio on General Hospital, shares his ongoing battle with severe health conditions, urging fans and viewers to step up and potentially save lives.

    <p>John J. York</p>

    John J. York

    Fans have been wondering about John J. York's sudden absence from their favorite soap, General Hospital, and now they have answers. In an emotional video released on X(formerly Twitter), York disclosed his battle with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) and multiple smoldering myeloma. Describing his journey so far, he stated in the video, "I've had three bone marrow biopsies, many chemo treatments...and I’m closing in on a blood stem-cell transplant.”

    A plea to the public

    York's on-screen battles have always captivated audiences, but his real-life fight has taken a different turn. Last week's tweet hinted at his hiatus from the show, but the reasons were undisclosed until now. In the same video, York made a heartfelt plea asking viewers to consider becoming bone marrow donors. By directing people to, he not only seeks help for himself but aims to raise awareness for the "thousands of others" in need.

    An iconic career with a promise to return

    With an impressive run of over 930 episodes as Malcolm Mac Scorpio on General Hospital and dozens more in various other roles, York's impact on the soap world is undeniable. Beyond his famous character, York has showcased his versatile acting chops on shows like Werewolf, My Wife and Kids, and Even Stevens.

    John J. York

    As he gears up for his hiatus, he assures fans with a playful nod to Schwarzenegger, "I'll be back." With the industry and fans rallying behind him, we hope that this TV legend triumphs in his off-screen battle and returns to the silver screen with the same charisma we've grown to love.