George Clooney and The Spy Game: A directorial dive into showtime's 'The Department'

    George Clooney steers the ship for Showtime's upcoming espionage drama "The Department", a thrilling adaptation of the French hit "The Bureau."

    <p>George Clooney (Source: JoBlo)</p>

    George Clooney (Source: JoBlo)

    "From Cannes to Hollywood: George Clooney Elevates Espionage with 'The Department'!"

    February 6th, 2023 marked the tantalizing announcement that Hollywood’s silver fox, George Clooney, was set to direct Showtime's much-anticipated espionage thriller, "The Department." An adaptation of the acclaimed French series "The Bureau," Clooney's entry promises to make waves. As reported by Deadline, here's the inside scoop on this espionage extravaganza!

    Source: Deadline

    Hollywood Meets French Espionage

    The heartbeat of "Le Bureau" dives deep into the world of undercover agents in France’s external security service. With life-and-death stakes, it's no wonder Showtime is bringing this pulse-raising thriller to American screens. But this isn't just any adaptation - it's one bearing the Clooney signature.

    "The Department, based on the riveting and brilliant series The Bureau, will follow in the great tradition of Homeland," quipped Chris McCarthy, the top honcho at Showtime and Paramount Media. "Just as Homeland elevated global espionage, The Department will take viewers even deeper into a world of intrigue and subterfuge."

    Clooney and Company

    With Clooney at the helm, his partnership with Grant Heslov under the Smokehouse Pictures banner raises the expectations bar even higher. Top producers from The Originals Productions and Federation Studios are also aboard this espionage ship, ensuring top-notch storytelling and drama.

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    "The Originals Productions, Federation and Paramount are taking our franchise to the next level," said Alex Berger, the mastermind at The Originals Productions. A sentiment mirrored by David Glasser, CEO of 101 Studios, who expressed sheer thrill at partnering with the dynamic duo of Clooney and Heslov.

    Showtime: The New Home for Espionage

    For those who've been closely following Showtime's trajectory, this move is no surprise. McCarthy's team has been home to several heart-stopping projects, and "The Department" is just another feather in their cap.

    It's worth noting that this isn't the first attempt to adapt "The Bureau." An earlier version by Peter Landesman was brewing at AMC, but with Clooney's star power, Showtime's rendition seems destined to shine brighter.

    Guillaume Pommier, Co-Head of Distribution at Federation, couldn't contain his excitement, "We couldn’t dream of a better partner home than Showtime to adapt The Bureau."

    Closing Credits

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    With Clooney's renowned directorial vision, "The Department" is poised to become an espionage classic, marrying Hollywood flair with the edgy essence of its French predecessor. It's safe to say, global viewers are in for a spy treat unlike any other.

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