Get ready for the ultimate Big Brother season 25 experience: All the juicy details you need

    Get ready for a scorching summer in 2023 as the beloved reality series returns for a monumental season!

    Big Brother 25 (Source: CBS)

    Big Brother 25 (Source: CBS)

    While we've just bid farewell to the exhilarating Big Brother 24, our anticipation is already building for the much-anticipated Season 25 of this CBS summer reality phenomenon! Soon, a new batch of houseguests will enter our screens, ready to tackle intense challenges, engage in nail-biting conspiracies, and wield game-changing powers, all in their quest to dodge nominations and avoid eviction from the house.

    When Can We Catch the Big Brother 25 Premiere?

    Get ready for the grand return! Big Brother 25 kicks off with an exciting 90-minute premiere on Wednesday, August 2 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. It's a noteworthy change from the typical June/July start, likely a strategic move to compensate for the effects of the writers' strike on the fall schedule.

    Big Brother aficionado Sharon Tharp unveiled that CBS has marked the calendar for the Big Brother 25 finale, set to take place on Thursday, November 9. As for the finale's duration, whether it will be a 90-minute special or a two-hour grand finale remains a mystery.

    Big Brother 25 (Source: CBS)

    The Expanding Prize: $750,000 for the Win

    With the revelation of the grand finale date, Big Brother 25 will set a new record, spanning an impressive 100 days in the house. This milestone marks the first time a season has ever reached the triple-digit mark in terms of duration. Previously, only three seasons came close, clocking in at 99 days, with the most recent being Season 21 in 2019.

    Additionally, the prize money for Big Brother 25 is expected to be a hefty $750,000. This sum was introduced in Season 23, a notable increase from the $500,000 prize offered in the preceding 22 seasons.

    Here's the eviction rundown for Big Brother 25:

  • Week 1: Luke Valentine & Kirsten Elwin
  • Week 2: Reilly Smedley
  • Week 3: Hisam Goueli
  • Week 4: No Eviction
  • Week 5: Red Utley
  • Week 6: Izzy Gleicher
  • Week 7: Cameron Hardin & Jared Fields
  • Week 8: Jared Fields
  • Week 9: Mecole "Meme" Hayes
  • Week 10: Cameron Hardin
  • Week 11: Cory Wurtenberger
  • Week 12: Blue Kim & America Lopez