Gotham Awards 2023: Revealing this year's winners

    Discovering Triumphs, a Recap of the 2023 Gotham Awards and the winners

    Gotham Awards 2023 (Source: API)

    Gotham Awards 2023 (Source: API)

    Stealing the Spotlight at the Gotham Awards on Monday evening, Past Lives clinched the prestigious title of Best Feature. The accolades extended to acting, with Charles Melton securing the spotlight for his supporting role in Todd Haynes’ "May December," while Lily Gladstone claimed the lead performance accolade for her captivating role in The Unknown Country.

    While the Gotham Awards have traditionally celebrated independent films, this year marked a departure as the Gotham Film and Media Institute eliminated its $35 million budget cap for potential nominees. While the majority of contenders maintain their indie or arthouse status, a few larger productions, such as "Barbie," managed to find a place in the competition. Additionally, the Gothams demonstrated their commitment to inclusivity by modifying the acting award categories in 2021, moving away from gender-based distinctions.

    The Gotham Awards 2023 (Source: Medium)

    Best Feature

    Past Lives

    Outstanding Lead Performance

    Lily Gladstone

    Outstanding Supporting Performance

    Charles Melton

    Lily Gladstone (Source: THR)

    Best Screenplay

    Anatomy of a Fall

    Best International Feature

    Anatomy of a Fall

    Best Documentary Feature

    Four Daughters

    Anatomy of a Fall (Source: THR)

    Breakthrough Director

    A.V. Rockwell, “A Thousand and One”

    Outstanding Performance in a New Series

    Ali Wong

    Ali Wong (Source: THR)

    Outstanding Performance in a New SeriesBreakthrough Television Over 40 Minutes

    A Small Light

    Breakthrough Television Under 40 Minutes


    Beef (Source: Vox)