'Happy (belated) birthday sugar': Nina Dobrev’s Instagram shoutout sparks engagement rumors

    Nina Dobrev wishes Shaun White on Instagram, sparking engagement rumors. The duo's posts celebrate their playful relationship, with fans and co-stars cheering them on.

    Nina Dobrev and Shaun White (Source:People)

    Nina Dobrev and Shaun White (Source:People)

    Nina Dobrev Sends "Sugar" Filled Wishes to Shaun White

    The world of Instagram was in for a sweet treat as "The Vampire Diaries" star, Nina Dobrev, sent a belated but heartfelt birthday wish to her beau, Shaun White. The two, who confirmed their relationship to the world in April 2020, have been setting couple goals ever since. On his birthday, which is on September 3rd, Nina curated a lively montage of their celebrations, as reported by BOL News. From a Panda Express cake mirroring immaculate attention to detail to a sunset boat ride - the couple seemed to be living every moment. “Happy (belated) birthday sugar… how you get so fly???” she quoted from the tune Robin Schulz’s “Sugar,” that played in the background.

    Fans and Celebrities Pour Love and Speculations

    Shaun White, the ex-professional snowboarder, did not lag in the love department either. He took to his Instagram, sharing a video of Nina Dobrev embracing her playful side, dancing in a silvery prop wig to the classic “Pour Some Sugar on Me.”

    These cute exchanges led to a flurry of comments, drowning in love and admiration. But what caught everyone's attention was Dobrev's co-star, Adam Devine, exclaiming, “This looks like my dream BDAY!”

    Adding fuel to the fire, whispers about potential engagement have been making rounds. These speculations are rooted in their bond, which has grown over the last three years, brimming with affection and understanding. Earlier this year, Shaun's birthday note for Nina read, “What planet are you from and will you take me with you?! Thanks for making my life incredible! Happy birthday my love!”

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    While there's no confirmation on the engagement buzz, it's evident that their love story, painted in playful banter and shared moments, is only growing stronger. 

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