'Honestly, John is so used to it': Emily Blunt's hubby reacts to her on-screen kiss with The Rock – Inside their strong marriage!

    Emily Blunt candidly reveals the details of her on-screen kiss with Dwayne Johnson and her husband John Krasinski's supportive reaction. Their marriage's strong bond shows in Krasinski's professional approach to Blunt's Hollywood roles.

    <p>John and Emily (Source: Brides)</p>

    John and Emily (Source: Brides)

    When Emily Blunt locked lips with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in "Jungle Cruise," who knew that the off-screen reaction would be as fascinating as the movie itself? Let's delve into Blunt's candid revelations about that Hollywood smooch, her relationship with Johnson, and how her supportive husband John Krasinski took the steamy stunts in stride.

    First, let's talk about the "enormous" experience of working with Johnson. "I would walk next to him and people would take pictures of us walking next to each other on set. And I looked like his child. Like his tiny child," Blunt amusingly told The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (as reported by E! News). Ah, the delightful challenges of co-starring with a giant!

    Dwayne and Emily (Source: People)

    But it's not just about appearances. The chemistry between Blunt and Johnson was electric, palpable both on and off the screen. From the toothbrush freshness of their on-screen kiss to bursting into laughter in every scene, the duo undoubtedly enjoyed their cinematic journey.

    Now, let's turn our gaze towards Emily Blunt's off-screen hero, John Krasinski. What's his take on his wife's on-screen escapades?

    In a nonchalant yet refreshingly honest interview with Mirror, Blunt revealed: "Honestly, John is so used to me having to make out with other men." She noted that Krasinski's immunity to her on-screen romances was "part of the deal when we got married!"

    Talk about relationship goals! While others might squirm at the mere thought, Krasinski embraces his wife's professional obligations with poise and trust.

    Emily Blunt (Source: People)

    Even Blunt's other Hollywood stunts, including a naked scene with Tom Hanks, have been met with nothing but support and understanding from her partner in life and love.

    Their marriage's strength lies in this unshakable trust and camaraderie, clearly visible since they started dating in 2008 and tied the knot just two years later. Krasinski's unwavering support for Blunt's work, even in the most jealousy-provoking situations, is nothing short of inspiring.

    In conclusion, whether it's the humorous connection with The Rock or the ever-solid bond with John Krasinski, Emily Blunt's journey is filled with love, laughter, and a dash of Hollywood glitter. And as for "Jungle Cruise," it's available on Disney+, in case you want to witness that famous kiss yourself!

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