'I didn't understand a word he said': Johnny Depp’s hilarious brush with royalty remembered as King Charles III ascends throne

    Looking back at the quirky moments of Johnny Depp's career, we reminisce about his humorous take on meeting King Charles III back when he was Prince. From mimicking the King's speech to his light-hearted jests.

    Johnny Depp (Source: People)

    Johnny Depp (Source: People)

    Johnny's Royal Jest: That Time Depp Poked Fun at a Future King!

    It's been a whirlwind year. As the world comes to terms with the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the accession of King Charles III, we're thrown back to a cheekier time when Johnny Depp shared his "not-so-meaningful" encounter with the then-prince on *The Graham Norton Show*.

    When Pirates Met the Prince

    Back in 2015, it was a simpler time. Depp, renowned for his iconic role in Pirates of the Caribbean, shared the couch with the equally charismatic Benedict Cumberbatch. Their banter was a sight to behold, but nothing quite caught the audience off guard like Depp's candid recounting of his encounter with the monarchs during the 2004 premiere of *Finding Neverland*.

    Johnny Depp (Source: Variety)

    "I sort of shook his hand. I didn’t understand a word he said." The room erupted as Depp mimicked the prince's mumble, drawing chuckles and disbelief. Not one to be outdone by his own jest, Depp added, “I don’t think he understood a word I said.” His playful mockery of what would become one of the biggest monarch transitions post World War II, as reported by *Operation Unicorn*, had everyone talking. 

    The Phoenix Rises

    From a much-publicized defamation trial with Amber Heard to his humorous takes on the royals, Johnny has consistently been in the limelight. As the actor looks to rebuild his illustrious career, fans eagerly await his return in *Jeanne du Barry* (previously titled *La Favorite*), where he is set to portray Louis XV. 

    In retrospect, whether he's on screen, on trial, or meeting royalty, Johnny Depp never fails to leave a lasting impression. And as we observe the changing dynamics of the royal family and Depp's own transformative journey, we're reminded of his evergreen charm that continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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