'I felt pigeonholed': A. R. Rahman spills the tea on his Hollywood struggles

    A. R. Rahman, the globally celebrated composer, recently admitted feeling 'pigeonholed' in Hollywood. Despite his Oscar wins, Rahman laments that he's only approached for India-related projects. The composer aspires to broaden his Hollywood scope.

    A.R Rahman (Source: X)

    A.R Rahman (Source: X)

    If you think having a couple of Academy Awards on your mantel is enough to seal your fate as a Hollywood favorite, then you might want to listen to the words of A. R. Rahman. The Indian music sensation confessed that he feels "pigeonholed" in Hollywood, limiting him to mostly India-centric projects. 

    The Oscar Isn't Enough

    Though Rahman shattered records back in 2009, snagging two Academy Awards for his work on "Slumdog Millionaire," it appears that the glitz and glamor have a boundary. Despite a rich international portfolio, Rahman finds himself often approached for Hollywood projects that have an Indian angle. "As an Indian composer, winning an Oscar and all that stuff, there is a pigeonhole you are put into. ‘Oh Indian stuff, let’s go to AR!’" he lamented, as reported by Free Press Journal.

    A Global Talent with Local Constraints

    This icon isn't just a trophy collector, folks. Beyond his Oscars, he's pocketed a BAFTA, a Golden Globe, two Grammys, and six National Film Awards. But when it comes to Hollywood, Rahman finds himself singing the same old tune of typecasting. "To get those [creative expressions unrelated to India] is very difficult in Hollywood, all the places are already taken," he added.

    Rahman clarified that he has zero qualms about working on Indian projects. In fact, he’s proud to do so. However, he yearns for the creative freedom to expand beyond Indian themes. He wants to, in his own words, "spread his wings" on a global stage. He calls this pursuit of unshackled artistry a "creative expression" that Hollywood hasn't yet allowed him to fully realize.

    A.R Rahman (Source: Scroll)

    For a man who's proven that music knows no borders—from Bollywood to Hollywood, from "Jai Ho" to "127 Hours"—it's hard to believe that in 2023 he's still striving to shake off the narrow categories Hollywood has boxed him into. 

    But don't mistake this for a sob story. Rahman is not one to be easily daunted. With a career that has spanned continents and bridged cultures, this musical polymath will surely find a way to rewrite Hollywood's script on him. 

    In the resounding words of Rahman himself, let’s not forget that he did, indeed, script history with his Oscar wins. So who's to say he won't do it again, but this time, by breaking the Hollywood mold he’s been confined to? As the man himself eloquently put it, the challenge is "very difficult in Hollywood, all the places are already taken," but if anyone can find a spot, it's A. R. Rahman.

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