'I look fully like a radio contest winner' – A look back at Jennifer Lawrence's hilarious reaction to Ariana Grande in 'Don't Look Up'!

    Jennifer Lawrence opened up about being starstruck by Ariana Grande and her unexpected celebrity obsessions, and shared thoughts on RHOBH's Erika Jayne.

    <p>Jennifer Lawrence (Source: Popsugar)</p>

    Jennifer Lawrence (Source: Popsugar)

    Oh, the glittering world of stardom! Even an Oscar-winning actress like Jennifer Lawrence can find herself swooning over her fellow celebrities. In a candid conversation with W magazine, Lawrence spilled the beans on her intriguing starstruck moments, including being photographed with Ariana Grande in 'Don't Look Up,' and her thoughts on Real Housewives.

    "I look fully like a radio contest winner" – JLaw on Meeting Grande

    Lawrence's reaction to Ariana Grande during their work on the 2021 satirical film 'Don't Look Up' was nothing short of comical. “Or Ariana Grande was in Don’t Look Up and I got photographed with her. I look fully like a radio contest winner. I’m like a wide-eyed smile,” she gushed, as reported by Yahoo News.

    Her quirky demeanor and love for pop culture have always endeared Lawrence to fans. Even Leonardo DiCaprio, her co-star in 'Don't Look Up,' probably chuckled at her fan-girl moment.

    Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio in Don't Look Up (Source: Hindustan Times)

    Unexpected Celebrity Crushes: “I’d be starstruck if I saw Jessica Simpson"

    Beyond Ariana Grande, Lawrence had some surprising admissions about her celebrity crushes. “I’d be starstruck if I saw Jessica Simpson. Yeah, that would knock me over. She made a video for my birthday one time,” she shared. Now, that's something that would make anyone's birthday unforgettable!

    But wait, there's more! Lawrence is no stranger to voicing her opinions, especially when it comes to the sizzling reality TV drama, the Real Housewives franchise.

    Unfiltered Thoughts: "I think that Erika is evil" – JLaw's Take on RHOBH

    While promoting her film 'Causeway,' Lawrence didn't shy away from sharing her thoughts on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne, who has been embroiled in legal controversies. “My biggest problem with this season is that it’s just been boring and I think that Erika is evil,” Lawrence remarked.

    RHOBH star Jayne fired back, saying: “I’m sure that we could unmask the ugly parts of her personality, as well.” Ouch! Now that's some real-time drama worthy of a Real Housewives episode!

    Jessica Simpson (Source: Glamour)

    Whether it's her unfiltered take on reality TV stars or her refreshingly humble and humorous approach to Hollywood's big names, Jennifer Lawrence continues to be a delight both on and off the screen.

    And in case you ever wondered how a superstar feels about other celebrities, JLaw has confirmed it – they can be just as starstruck and obsessed as the rest of us mere mbortals.

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