Inebriated Jason Momoa dressing up as Johnny Depp, Amber Heard almost fired and more: Aquaman 2 set in troubled waters?

    Amber Heard’s therapist’s notes reveal turbulent waters on the Aquaman 2 set involving Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and the film's director James Wan.

    Amber Heard(Source: Parada)

    Amber Heard(Source: Parada)

    The murky waters of the Aquaman 2 production seem to have been exposed, revealing a strong undercurrent of tensions. Documents with notes from Amber Heard's therapist, Dr. Dawn Hughes, which recently surfaced on Reddit, portrays a chaotic environment on the sets of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The documents describe an allegedly inebriated Jason Momoa, coming on the sets dressed as Johnny Depp, pushing to oust Heard from her role as Mera in the film. The notes explicitly state: “Jason said he wanted me fired. Jason drunk — late on set. Dressing like Johnny. Has all the rings too.” As per a report on Variety, a DC spokesperson defended Momoa's professional demeanor, while insiders emphasized on Momoa's dedication to his craft.

    The directorial disconnect: Amber Heard & James Wan at odds

    Apart from the Momoa debacle, the therapy notes highlight tensions between Heard and the film’s director, James Wan. A sense of being ostracized is evident as Heard reportedly felt unsupported by Wan, alluding to restrictions she faced on set. The documents mention Wan’s frustration with Heard, implying he blamed her for the limitations around the movie’s promotion. Regardless of the studio’s statement praising Wan’s inclusive approach, the therapy notes suggest a different reality. There are whispers that Heard faced near termination from the sequel, a decision apparently based on her on-screen chemistry with Momoa.

    Aquaman 2

    Elon Musk's fiery defense of Heard

    The documents further reveal that amid the whirlpool of controversies, Elon Musk emerged as a surprise player. When Warner Bros. considered firing Heard due to alleged chemistry issues with Momoa, Musk stepped in. With an assertive letter from Musk threatening severe repercussions if Heard was removed from the sequel, Warner Bros. seemingly felt the pressure and retained the actress.

    The revelations promise to cast a shadow over the movie's promotion, especially if the SAG-AFTRA strike concludes soon. But as dark clouds gather, there's hope that Aquaman 2, much like its predecessor, might find smoother seas post-production and sail successfully at the box office.