Irish musician David Holmes' emotional tribute to Henry McCullough in collaboration with BP Fallon

    Irish musician David Holmes reflected on his tribute to Henry McCullough and shared insights into his diverse musical endeavors.

    (Source: Late Night Tales)

    (Source: Late Night Tales)

    David Holmes, an Irish musician renowned for his eclectic taste and soulful soundscapes, stands as a testament to this craft. In 2016, his collaboration with BP Fallon for a tribute to Henry McCullough highlighted Holmes' profound connection to music and storytelling. The story behind Holmes' work is as poignant as the music itself. After receiving a phone call from Irish musician BP Fallon, grieving the loss of his dear friend and former Wings guitarist Henry McCullough, Holmes was inspired to create something memorable. "When BP returned that evening I sat him down in front of the microphone and this happened in one take! We both knew we captured a very special moment that couldn’t have been created at any other moment - magic," Holmes recalls, emphasizing the spontaneous and heartfelt nature of their creation. This track, destined for Holmes' Late Night Tales album, exemplifies the power of music to heal and commemorate.

    From soundtracks to soulful sets

    Holmes' musical range extends beyond tributes and collaborations. His projects span various genres and mediums, showcasing his versatility and passion for music. He worked on a six-part TV film for Steven Soderbergh titled MOSAIC, starring Sharon Stone and Beau Bridges, Holmes brought his unique sound to the world of television. His involvement in producing Noel Gallagher's new album further highlights his influence across different music landscapes.

    Holmes' approach to music is reflective of his experiences, from his first gig in 1983/84 at The Aberdeen, Belfast, to his exclusive God’s Waiting Room nights. "The best nights are the most intimate when you can play for 3-5 hours," he says, revealing his love for creating immersive musical experiences. This ethos is evident in his work, whether it's a tribute to a fallen friend, a TV soundtrack, or a soulful DJ set.

    As David Holmes' Late Night Tales album release received huge applause, his journey from a fill-in DJ in Belfast to an acclaimed musician and producer is a story of passion, resilience, and the transformative power of music. His ability to capture and convey emotions through sound continues to resonate with audiences around the world, making him a true maestro of modern music.

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