'It’s actually this two-lane road': Dive into the story behind Alexander Ludwig's heartfelt 'Highway 99'

    From starring in 'Vikings' to crooning country tunes, Alexander Ludwig showcased his musical prowess on Good Morning America. The multi-talented actor-singer shares his deep connection with his 'Highway 99' album and visions of balancing both passions.

    Alexander Ludwig (Source: NME)

    Alexander Ludwig (Source: NME)

    From Vikings' Battles to Country Ballads: Alexander Ludwig's Diverse Talents

    Hollywood holds many surprises, but who could've foreseen Alexander Ludwig, known for his gritty roles in shows like 'Vikings' and movies like 'The Hunger Games' - serenading audiences with country vibes? As reported by Everything Nash on January 10, 2023, Ludwig indeed does.

    A 'Good Morning' Surprise

    With "Faded On Me" from his debut album 'Highway 99' playing in the background, Alexander Ludwig's appearance on Good Morning America was certainly a delightful twist. "There’s literally videos of me in my trailer in Dublin, Ireland, in full Viking gear, writing country music," Ludwig quipped. This shift from on-screen warrior to on-stage performer might seem out-of-the-blue, but Ludwig's heart has always echoed with country rhythms.

    Alexander Ludwig (Source: People)

    'Highway 99': A Journey Home

    For those wondering about the significance behind the album's title, Ludwig elaborated, “It’s actually this two-lane road I grew up driving from Vancouver to Whistler...That’s kind of where I got my country music education, so it just felt like it was a little bit a piece of home.”

    That's not all. Ludwig's venture into the music industry had a nudge from country legend Jason Aldean. The actor-singer, passionate about all music genres, was encouraged by Aldean to explore the country scene. And as for the kind of music that defines him? “I never wanted to chase trends...I love all types of music, but for me, when I play a show, I want it to be like the rock and roll concerts I grew up going to."

    Alexander Ludwig (Source:The Hollywood Reporter)

    Juggling Acts and Tunes

    At 31, Ludwig is at the peak of his acting career. Yet, he's keen on harmonizing both his passions - acting and singing. “I envision I’m going to keep doing both for the rest of my life,” Ludwig shared. It's a challenging endeavor, especially when industry demands can pull in different directions. But for Ludwig, it's all about smart time management.

    Produced by two of Aldean’s band members, Kurt Allison and Tully Kennedy, 'Highway 99' is a testament to Ludwig's love for music. Fans eager to dive into Ludwig's musical world can find the album at AlexanderLudwigMusic.ocm.

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