'I've always been fascinated with space travel': A look back at how Gemma Chan's Doctor Who role paved the way to eternals stardom

    Gemma Chan skyrocketed from a guest appearance on Doctor Who to MCU fame in Eternals. Her early role as Mia Bennett, an American geologist on Mars, shares uncanny similarities with her Marvel character Sersi. This throwback reveals how Chan’s characters consistently show courage and leadership, setting her on a path to stardom.

    <p>Gemma Chan (Source: Elle)</p>

    Gemma Chan (Source: Elle)

    "Death Was a Fixed Point in Time": The Rise of Gemma Chan from Time Lord's Companion to Marvel Hero

    From a blink-and-you'll-miss-her stint on Doctor Who to lighting up the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Gemma Chan has charted a celestial course through the galaxy of entertainment. Strap in, because we're about to journey back in time to the role that blasted her into orbit.

    The Space Explorer We Never Knew We Needed: Gemma Chan in Doctor Who

    Back in season 4 of Doctor Who, Gemma Chan appeared as Mia Bennett, an American geologist on the Martian Bowie Base One. A role that, by Chan's own admission, set her on a path to stardom. "I've always been fascinated with space travel," she once said, as reported by Screen Rant. The Doctor knew her death was a fixed point in time, but he dared to break the rules to save her, setting the stage for his own downfall. In a twist of time-traveling fate, her survival was a linchpin in the Time Lord's saga, making her more than just a mere guest star.

    Gemma Chan in Doctor Who (Source: Looper)

    From Mars to Eternals: The Qualities That Make Gemma Chan a Superhero

    While her role in Doctor Who was a flash in the pan, it bore an uncanny resemblance to her breakout character in Eternals. "Both women are extremely headstrong," declared Chan. Sersi may have had god-like powers, but Mia Bennett had a heart and mind just as strong. Both put their friends' lives ahead of their own, whether it's on Mars or with the Eternals.

    The Leadership Qualities That Never Got to Shine: Bennett vs. Sersi

    Unlike Sersi, who was catapulted into a leadership role, Bennett never got the chance. Yet, after the Doctor saved her life, she returned to Earth to inform the world of the events on Bowie Base One. "She displays the same courage and respect," said Chan, echoing her characters’ uncanny parallels in their heroic endeavors.

    Gemma Chan in Eternals (Source: Twitter)

    So, what's the takeaway here? Whether navigating the perilous landscapes of Mars or battling Thanos-level villains in the MCU, Gemma Chan brings the same tenacity, leadership, and courage to her roles. From being a game-changer in the Doctor Who universe to an iconic figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Gemma Chan proves she's not just a star — she's a supernova.

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