'I've always trusted her opinions': Hollywood Star Antonio Banderas collaborates with daughter on Sondheim's classic

    Antonio Banderas collaborates with daughter Stella in directing and starring in the Spanish adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's Tony-awarded musical "Company." Premiering in Malaga, Banderas highlights the modern tweaks to this classic.

    <p>Antonio Banderas (Source: IMDB)</p>

    Antonio Banderas (Source: IMDB)

    As the golden curtains rise in Malaga, southern Spain, one thing is crystal clear - Antonio Banderas is not just Hollywood's darling anymore. The star of "The Mask of Zorro," now dons a new hat as a theatrical impresario, bringing the Broadway sensation "Company" to his hometown. And guess who's by his side in this theatrical journey? His daughter Stella, who Banderas has roped in as the second assistant director. 

    "When we're at home maybe having dinner is when I ask her very direct questions." Banderas reflected, emphasizing the trust he places in Stella's opinions. Their intimate dinners after rehearsals seem to be where the magic truly happens. 

    Banderas and Broadway: An Unexpected Twist

    Two years ago, Antonio Banderas breathed life into the Teatro del Soho theatre in Malaga, envisioning it as a beacon for performing arts. A non-profit haven, the theatre was designed for production, training, and promotion. After a promising debut year, the theatre's operations were halted due to the unforeseen pandemic.

    Antonio Banderas (Source: People)

    However, the pause has given way to a spectacular comeback. Sondheim's "Company," a show that has garnered six Tony Awards since its 1970 Broadway debut, is set to premiere on November 17th in a version that has never been showcased before - entirely in Spanish. "It does not have a traditional narrative, it moves with sketches," Banderas remarked about the show's unique appeal.

    From Football Fields to Film Sets

    As reported by Emma Pinedo, the 61-year-old actor's journey to stardom is nothing short of fascinating. Starting with a potential career in soccer, an injury pivoted his path towards acting. It wasn't long before he became the muse for renowned director Pedro Almodovar in the 80s. Hollywood soon came calling in the 90s, and Banderas shone alongside stalwarts like Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt. His most recent nod from Hollywood was an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor in 2020 for "Pain and Glory."

    As Banderas steps into this new role, one thing remains consistent - his passion and commitment to the craft. Collaborating with his daughter for this adaptation only underscores the depth of this dedication.

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