Jack Black hops on board for the live-action Minecraft movie

    In the upcoming live-action Minecraft movie, the ever-entertaining Jack Black brings his comedic flair to the pixelated universe.

    Jack Black (Source: Fox News)

    Jack Black (Source: Fox News)

    According to an inside source not authorized to make public statements, Jack Black is said to have joined the ensemble for the live-action adaptation of the well-loved video game. The confirmation of this news was provided to USA TODAY on Tuesday. Black is set to share the screen with Jason Momoa, known for his role in Aquaman, in the upcoming movie.

    The initial report on this development came from Deadline. As per their information, the actor from the Super Mario Bros. Movie is being considered for the role of Steve, the central playable character in the adventure game series. Despite this revelation, an official synopsis is still pending, shrouding the movie's plot in secrecy.

    Jason Momoa (Source: LA Times)

    A Stellar Ensemble

    Jason Momoa and Jack Black are set to headline the cast of the upcoming live-action Minecraft movie. Joining them in this exciting lineup are Danielle Brooks from "The Color Purple" and Emma Myers, known for her role in Wednesday's.

    Mark Your Calendar

    The theatrical premiere of the live-action adaptation of Minecraft is scheduled for April 4, 2025. Produced by Warner Bros. and Legendary, the film, based on the popular 2011 game series with 140 million monthly users, is set to hit theaters on April 5, 2025.

    Minecraft (Source: Minecraft)

    Created by Mojang Studios, the game enables players to enter a 3D world, initiate adventures, face off against hostile mobs, and construct anything their imagination can conjure. Black will also play a prominent role in Lionsgate's film adaptation of the Borderlands video game, slated for release on August 9. Additionally, Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D are set to tour Europe this spring as part of the Tenacious D and the Spicy Meatball Tour.